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Yahoo is having a really bad time. First Google kicks Yahoo out of the ad deal. Secondly although Yang hinted that Microsoft should buy the company, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said that they made an offer once but Yahoo did not accept it so “we moved on” and Microsoft is no longer interested in buying Yahoo! So Yahoo is in a really big mess and Jerry Yang want to sell his company as soon as possible.

Yahoo calendar is literally 10 years old and offers very less features when compared to 2 year old Google Calendar. But tonight it will start rolling out a new drag-and-drop, Ajax calendar in a closed beta to Yahoo Mail users in the U.S., UK, India, Taiwan, and Brazil.

The new Yahoo Calendar doesn’t do much that you cannot already do with Google’s or other online calendars. The new features are –

  1. Drag & drop interface.
  2. Layering (view multiple calendars in different colors or subscribe to someone else’s calendar)
  3. Zoom in when adding an event or appointment
  4. Integration with Flickr
  5. Can set email, IM or SMS reminders.
  6. To-Do list.

Something unique to the new Yahoo calendar is the zoom-in function and the Flickr integration.

You can sign up for Yahoo calendar here.


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Yahoo is shutting down its social-networking experiment, Yahoo Mash, which had started just a year ago.

An e-mail to Mash members from Yahoo community manager Matt Warburton read, "Thank you for trying out our Mash Beta service. We hope you had fun with it. Please note that we will shut down Mash on September 29, 2008. As a result, your current profile on Mash will no longer be available."

Mash didn’t really offer anything new, other than the fact that instead of inviting friends you created profiles for them and then invited them to customize and change them. You could also add "modules," a sort of rudimentary version of social-network apps. It was designed as a quirky, cute step up from Yahoo 360, the social network that Yahoo had based off its millions of pre-existing user accounts; if Yahoo 360 was analogous to AOL profiles, Mash was more like Facebook.


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Do you get confused with the dots in delicious ? I sometime do, I get confused weather it is de.lic.io.us or del.ici.ous or del.icio.us. Not anymore they have made it plain and simple delicious.com.

some of the main changes are –

  • Speed – delicious has been moved to new servers which makes it faster.
  • Search – Search engine is now both faster and smarter. you can search within one of your tags, another user’s public bookmarks, or your social network.
  • Design – user interface has been improved to work faster and perform better.

Read more about it on Delicious Blog and What’s New.

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The personal start page of yahoo is out of beta and now you no longer can go back to classic page. It would be rolled out to all the users by July 14.

My Yahoo

New in My Yahoo! 2.0 –

  • Modules are easier to reorganize and modify.
  • Custom-designed modules from New York Times and Wall Street Journal etc.
  • Third party services like Netflix, Gmail, Facebook and POP mail.
  • New page layout options.

There are lot of cute flash sites out there…from game to movie sites are built on flash but designing Flash-based websites has gone out of favor in the last few years is because search engines can not index Flash. It is pretty hard to achieve any sort of SEO if the search engine doesn’t see your content.

But now thanks to Adobe new Searchable SWF library, Google can now crawl the textual content in Flash files. Flash files are now indexed in the same way as HTML files. Adobe is providing optimized Adobe Flash Player technology to Google and Yahoo. This tie up is harmful for Microsoft and Live search who have Silverlight

Do you use multiple Gmail accounts? [and]

do you have to constantly monitor both your inbox for important mails ?

Then some of the means to do this tis to use multiple browser os you could use CookiePie.

CookiePie is a free firefoc extension that lets you lokin into multiple accounts-Facebook, Flickr, Google, Yahoo!………..

You might know that cookie is a small text stored in computer that tells the site your loged in. CookiePie manages those cookies in such a way that you can log into multiple websites.

You can get CookiePie here

here’s a short video–

free cell phone contest

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