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Many windows users still like and use XP, it is one of the most popular operating system till date and it seems that it isn’t going out of service any time soon.

Microsoft has been offering downgrade from vista to XP, now they say they are going to extend it to Windows 7 too.

While it is true that Vista was/is too resource heavy to run in low powered computers like netbooks so as to keep the market share of Windows high and not to give way to Linux. But this isn’t required in case of Windows 7 as it is perfectly capable of running in netbooks and low powered PCs.

You have to remember that you just can’t walk into a store and purchase Windows XP, you have to downgrade. For netbook users the downgrade is most likely to be limited as Windows 7 isn’t a resource hog. The downgrade option would most likely benefit corporate customers who aren’t ready to upgrade to Windows 7. You might have to purchase Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate edition to qualify for the downgrade.

Microsoft isn’t commenting on the deadline for downgrading to Windows XP. But an early report indicated that the downgrade option would be available through April 30, 2010.


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I have a feeling that XP would be a operating system that just won’t die. Microsoft has stopped offering retail copies of the operating system and were intending to tell computer makers to stop preloading the software on new notebook and desktop systems earlier this year. But Microsoft had been delaying this decision for many times now. XP was going to be put to sleep on January 31, 2009. But now the company has allowed computer makers are allowed to continue shipping machines with Windows XP through 2009.


Microsoft‘s longest living operating system Windows XP still has life left in it. Microsoft had instructed retailers to stop selling XP to consumers this summer. But customers purchasing new computers running Windows Vista can downgrade to Windows XP. That option was set to expire on January 31st, 2009. Microsoft has given OEMs  additional six months to sell PCs running Windows Vista with the ability to downgrade to Windows XP using an accompanying recovery disc. Now you can choose the option to downgrade till July 31st, 2009.

Now there seems to be a chance to skip Vista altogether and going directly to Windows 7.


Well not really, it’ll live on in older PC’s but Microsoft is Going to stop selling Windows XP today. despite protests from a slice of PC users who don’t want to be forced into using XP’s successor, Vista.

Those who still want to use the XP will have to buy Vista and then legally downgrade to XP.

Last week, Microsoft said it would provide full technical support for six-year-old Windows XP through 2009, and limited support through 2014.

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Microsoft yesterday granted a partial pardon for Windows XP operating system; it means computers with lower system capabilities such as Asus Eee, Intel Classmate PC and those PCs that generally lack the hardware needed to run Windows Vista will imagestill be able to run Windows XP till June 30, 2010 or one year after the release of the next OS version (code named Windows 7), which ever is later.


After this date Windows XP will no longer come pre-installed on most new PC’s. Microsoft will provide XP to some computer makers so that they can continue preinstalling Windows XP Home. I think Microsoft made this move because without XP these computer will install Linux and ..although Microsoft yesterday maintained that it made the move not to stymie the growth of Linux.

But Windows XP Professional is not getting the same extension. Windows XP still goes away on the dates Microsoft has already set for ending sales.

What are XP users going to do ?

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