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BareSite is a simple website which will help you strip down any website to the bare essentials.


You just have to enter the url of feed of website, click Go and you are ready to go, it is as simple as that. If you enter a search, it takes your query to Google and the results are displayed in Google search page. It is good if you want the website to be mobile friendly and if you are in a hurry and the internet connection is slow.

Try BareSite.


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You want to go to a website or you are trying to access a web page and it seems to be down. You always think -“is the problem with my connection or everyone is facing it?”

Alex Payne, an Internet engineer has created a very simple website containing only 7 words and a search bar which will till you if it’s just for you or everyone else. Users can type in a Web address and see whether a site is generally inaccessible or the problem is with an individual connection. (hmm..twitter)

Down or up?

Down or up?

Check out the website.

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