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Lunascape5 Alpha

Lunascape is one of a kind of web browser and it very unique because it has not one but three rendering engines. The latest Alpha version of Lunascape supports three of the most popular rendering engines used in other web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.
Upon setup, you can select your default rendering engine. Gecko or WebKit are known for their blazing fast performance when loading many web pages and web apps,. Or you can choose Trident if you frequently visit web pages that only work with Internet Explorer.
The browser has a built in screen capture utility, skins, and has a full screen mode. It supports bookmarklets and add-ons, but right now there aren’t a ton of Plugins available. Unfortunately it will not work with Plugins designed for Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

This browser would be useful for developers who have to test there web pages for compatibility between different browsers. But be warned this is in Alpha stage and has some serious bugs.

You can get Lunascape here.


Bookmarks Manager

Google has released an update of Chrome browser to those signed up for "developer". The update adds some features to the browser,  most of them already standard in other browsers. First, and most anticipated, is a stand-alone bookmark manager, which offers simple tree-nesting views of your bookmarks, and lets you edit and rename your bookmarks. The "privacy" options have been updated as well, to give users more control over what gets suggested and saved by Chrome, and blocked pop-ups now nest in the lower-right corner, with a number to indicate multiple windows. Windows users using a standard beta installation of Chrome won’t see the update, but you can subscribe to the Dev channel in Chrome to get the 0.4 update.

Chrome for Linux

Not exactly but a test shell is now working on Linux. And test shell is according to Aaron Boodman, who works on Chrome and Gears and spotlighted the Linux accomplishment – "The test shell is a very simple browser that the Chromium development team uses for testing our integration with WebKit," the engine that decodes HTML to render a Web page in the browser. "It is the first step of porting Chromium to a new platform."

But the browser is in a pretty raw state the "enter" key doesn’t work,Web pages don’t render correctly, and the browser doesn’t have a real  UI. V8 the JavaScript engine, however, is still working.


Opera and webkit have scored 100/100 in acid 3 test and safari is also following.


This is how page was rendered in IE 8 (18/100)-


Firefox 3 was a little better with 68/100 —


Hopefuly Firefox 3 will pass acid 3 before its public release in June.

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