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Do you find it frustrating to go to another tab to watch that cool video which your buddy has just pinged when another friend of yours is waiting for a response from you, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could chat as well as watch video without switching to another tab. Well it now possible, thanks to Gmail, you can now watch videos right inside the chat window, but it’s limited to YouTube and Google Videos only. Just click the preview, and the video will play right there.


Cool eh?

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HD version


Well you can see the difference and it uses a lot of bandwidth and should not be tried on slower connections. Search for videos in HD and you’ll get a dozen.


I’m not sure why it is needed but YouTube now reads the comment back to you using text-to-speech technology.



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YouTube has released a new web Uploader with which you can upload 10 videos simultaneously each clip as large as 1GB. Earlier if you wanted to upload videos to YouTube you had to download a desktop based software.


Now because of the Browser based uploader the process is very much simplified.

Upload your videos to YouTube here.

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Video hosting site vimeo has announced that they no longer allow game videos on the site. Videos such as "game walk-throughs, game strategy videos, depictions of player vs player battles, raids, fraps, or any other video gaming videos that simply depict individuals playing a video game." will be subjected to deletion from September 1.

According to them such videos don’t meet the standard of "creative expression" that the site is trying to uphold. Gaming videos sometimes expose Vimeo to liability from the game creator(s). Gaming videos are by nature significantly larger and longer than any other genre on Vimeo thus slowing down transcoding times for the other content.

Apparently an interesting debate has started in the comments section as users wonder why such a popular genre is being deleted but there are some who are relieved that such content are deleted.


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YouTube on Wednesday announced the launch of its local Indian site ( http://www.youtube.co.in) that features a localised homepage and search functions. “YouTube India would allow users to create and share videos, discover the most popular and relevant videos in India, and connect with other Indian and global users.

Searching for more videos while viewing a video is not possible in YouTube. YouTube Fast Search will help you out here. When you click on a video it plays on DragDrop player on the right hand side and you can search on the left.drag and drop them to a playlist window at the bottom of the screen. When your first video is done playing, the next video in your playlist will start. drag and drop them to a playlist window at the bottom of the screen. When your first video is done playing, the next video in your playlist will start. Try YouTube Fast Search here.

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