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Everyone is talking about the new computation search engine Wolfram Alpha wolf

and comparing it with Google. Some say it is a Google killer though it can’t even answer what Twitter is –


Lot of people like wolfram but aren’t yet ready to leave the beloved Google. This add-on is to help those people –

exp - wolf

Wolfram alpha Google 3.0 adds a neat table to the Google results so that you can see the results of both the search engine in a single page.


Neat huh? along with the regular results you get some cool facts with which you can impress your friends, get some knowledge and finish your projects.

search 2 

You can get Wolfram Alpha Google 3.0 here and it works even with Firefox 3.5.

No one would argue with me when I say twitter search is a very useful thing. Now it’s getting better.

Twitter search used to crawl only the text in tweets, soon it’ll start crawling links in tweet and index the pages making it almost an alternative to google search for upto the second information.

The trending topics will integrate reputation ranking system which ranks the search results on the basis of reputation of the person. How this reputation will be calculated is still unknown, though I think the number of retweets and linking will be taken into consideration.

The ranking system would help twitter search in reducing or eliminateing the noise by removing retweets and irrelevent content.

Other changes – Twitter follower notification emails have changed from plain text to full html earlier today. It now gives information like the number of people the user is following, how many people are following the user and the total number of updates tweeted. Now with all this information it is easier to weed out spammers. Addition of user’s bio and last 5 or 10 tweets would have been more helpful.

Note: the lack of pictures is because I wrote the entire article on mobile. Sorry.

Is this a new feature ?

New Feature ?

New Feature ?

Facebook has added Inbox search. It allows you to search through all of your messages either by name of the person who sent it, or by a keyword that shows up in the text. It is a very useful feature which should have been present there from the begining.

facebook inbox search

Right now this feature has not been enable in all acounts, but soon everyone will see a search box at the top of their Inbox enabling them to search through all past messages.

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Yahoo today became the first major search engine to let people search the Web by talking to a mobile device.

With a technology from vlingo people having  BlackBerry Curves, Pearls or the 8800 series  would be able to search the Web with their voice, using Yahoo’s mobile search engine, known as oneSearch. Yahoo is working to make the service available on other mobile devices and overseas.It is also built to adapt to a person’s voice and to improve over time.

The simplest way to get answers: just ask.

just ask.

Now you can use your voice to get answers on your phone. With Yahoo! oneSearch™ with voice, it’s fast and easy to search for anything you need when you’re mobile.


Just speak into your phone and get relevant and accurate results from Yahoo! oneSearch, an industry leading mobile search product. Now, mobile search that practically reads your mind also listens to what you have to say.




Say anything, find everything.Say anything, find everything.

Unlike traditional voice recognition systems, Yahoo! oneSearch with voice allows you use your natural way of speaking to initiate a search. Just say anything you would type in the search box, and get accurate answers. Ask for restaurant listings, movie showtimes, sports scores or flight status and the answer will be delivered, right to your phone. In the mood for Japanese food? Just say “Sushi Restaurants in San Francisco” to find restaurants near you. Or, check flight status instantly by just saying “United Airlines 1505.” Say virtually anything that’s on your mind—Yahoo! oneSearch with voice will get you what you need to know.


Search that is personalized to you.

Search that is personalized to you.

Yahoo! oneSearch with voice adapts to the unique aspects of your voice through a built-in feedback system. The more you use it, the smarter it gets. It also offers smart suggestions for words that sound similar, allowing you to adjust your search, quickly. And, you always have the option of switching between voice and keyboard entry, at anytime. With Yahoo! oneSearch with voice, you’ll get a search product that is customized, just for you.


To try it out go here.

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