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Lunascape5 Alpha

Lunascape is one of a kind of web browser and it very unique because it has not one but three rendering engines. The latest Alpha version of Lunascape supports three of the most popular rendering engines used in other web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.
Upon setup, you can select your default rendering engine. Gecko or WebKit are known for their blazing fast performance when loading many web pages and web apps,. Or you can choose Trident if you frequently visit web pages that only work with Internet Explorer.
The browser has a built in screen capture utility, skins, and has a full screen mode. It supports bookmarklets and add-ons, but right now there aren’t a ton of Plugins available. Unfortunately it will not work with Plugins designed for Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

This browser would be useful for developers who have to test there web pages for compatibility between different browsers. But be warned this is in Alpha stage and has some serious bugs.

You can get Lunascape here.


Consider the situation – you use both Firefox and Chrome and have dozens of bookmarks in them but can’t get all of them in a single browser, what do you do? Well  Transmute will help you achieve that. Transmute can format your bookmarks for any of the major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Chromium and Opera.

It easy to use, as it basically does all the conversion itself. There are a few options available to make sure that the integrity of your bookmarks is maintained. First, you can back up your bookmarks before you try to convert them. Then, to make sure the existing bookmarks in your target browser don’t get deleted, you can add incoming bookmarks instead of overwriting what’s already there.

The simple but powerful application, also available as a no-install portable folder, supports nearly every major browser for Windows—Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Safari, and, of course, Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can set Transmute to export bookmarks to a particular folder, with or without timestamp dates, and have it create its own backup files in case things get messy.

You can get Transmute here.



It’s just a week since Google’s Browser Chrome was launched and it has already snatched Internet Explorer’s Google Chrome Logo by Randy Zhang.market share.

https://i0.wp.com/blogs.zdnet.com/Stewart/images/safari_logo.jpgWhile Chrome accounted for 0.7% of all browsers used last week on average, Microsoft Corp.’s IE lost 1.4 percentage points in market share during the same period, said U.S.-based tracking company Net FirefoxApplications. Microsoft’s browser ended the week with a 71% share.

All other browser have posted gains at IE’s expense, Firefox’s share climbed by 0.3 points, from 19.5% to 19.8% last week Apple’s Safari from 6.3% to 6.7%, while Opera increased by 0.01 points, ending the week at 0.75%.

Internet Explorer was most affected because of Google Chrome. Chrome’s high point since its Sept. 2 debut was last Friday, when it averaged 1.2% for the day. On Monday, it averaged 0.9%.


Microsoft yesterday announced that some new privacy tools are going to added to the Internet Explorer 8 (beta 2).


The Private Browsing mode when enabled, IE8 will not save browsing and searching history, cookies, form data and passwords; it also will automatically clear the browser cache at the end of the session.


Other new tools will include "InPrivate Blocking" and "InPrivate Subscription," which notifies users of third-party content that can track browsing history and subscribe to lists of sites to block, respectively. Microsoft will also tweak its existing "Delete Browsing History" by adding an option to preserve bookmarked sites’ cookies even when all others are erased.

Apple’s browser Safari already has this feature but is limited to not save browsing and searching history, cookies, form data and passwords and clearing the browser cache at the end of the session. (NO "InPrivate Blocking" and "InPrivate Subscription")

Mozilla were going put this feature in their browser Firefox 3.0 which went final in mid-June, but the feature was pulled as the browser made its run toward completion. Firefox 3.1 most probably will have the "private browsing" which is how they are describing the privacy  tools they are planning on adding to Firefox.


Opera and webkit have scored 100/100 in acid 3 test and safari is also following.


This is how page was rendered in IE 8 (18/100)-


Firefox 3 was a little better with 68/100 —


Hopefuly Firefox 3 will pass acid 3 before its public release in June.

I think everyone has come across this. Every browser brand had been discussing at length about this. Some are saying users have to be careful and not browsers that attack is on people and not on technology but (no offense meant) these guys forget that technology is meant to protect us. Phishing is very simple these and not everyone are experts to understand the complicated certificates or URI specification. So there should be browsers that simplify this work for the common user. Firefox saved me two times from phishing.  So guys protect yourself from phishing. Even if you are a die hard fan of Safari, use Firefox or IE till Safari is declared safe.

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