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The new photo you took lest week is a big hit and drawing a lot of comments but most of them in some other language, of course you can copy and paste the comment into Google Translate but it take time and translating 50 to 100 comments is not a good idea.

Well, Google seems to have thought of this problem and they integrated Google Translate into Picasa web albums, now your  comment written in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French or any other language will be automatically translated  in your interface’s language.

The results are not perfect always. But do try it out.

[via Google Operating System]


Now you can add photos to Picasa web album by simply emailing them.

Go to Settings page and check "Allow me to upload photos by email." You get an email address with the following format: username.secretkey@picasaweb.com.

By default, Picasa Web uploads your photos to the built-in Drop Box albums, but it’s a good idea to choose your destination by entering the name of an existing album in the subject of your email. You can attach up to 20MB of photos in JPG, GIF and PNG formats. Since Picasa Web’s mobile site still doesn’t support uploading photos, the new option should be really useful when you want to share photos from a phone with email or MMS capabilities.


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Good news huh ? But this is only for Flickr Pro members though anyone can view the videos. Flickr Pro members can upload and share video clips. Videos are limited to just 90 seconds and 150MB.


Videos will show up in users’ photostreams, and can be managed just like images, with tags, privacy settings, and other controls. At launch, video will be available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and traditional Chinese.

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