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Dropbox is one of my favourite online storage service and posts of DropBox in my blog are quite popular.

Dropbox has added a new iPhone interface so you can quickly access your synced files from the mobile convenience of your iPhone or iPod touch.

Do you remember Dropbox (?) the online storage service which lets you sync your files between computers. If you don’t remember see these posts —

Now I’ve got 10 invites to Dropbox and anyone who needs invite just drop a comment below. (We might get to know if Dropbox is still popular or not)



There are many online storage service like SkyDrive, Dropbox, box.net, eSnips, MediaMax, OmniDrive, openomy to name a few. But all have various limitations because of which a lot many people haven’t adopted them.

Let us see how a perfect online storage service should be-

  1. It should have enough space. SkyDrive and Dropbox did a good job by giving 5 GB free space.image
  2. We should be able to view pictures comfortable. SkyDrive here does a bad job, Picture viewing isn’t easy at all. It should be more like Picasa web album. Picasa have a very easy interface. (sadly Picasa offers only 1 GB)
  3. The storage service should be more like local hard drive– We should be able to play music and stream movies online. Seems impossible eh? Well .. online storage, a few years back, was also impossible. The question is which online storage service will come up with these features.image
  4. Files should be easily transferable between folders. It’s almost impossible to transfer files from one folder to another in SkyDrive.
  5. There are files which we want to store online only . Dropbox doesn’t allow that. Dropbox is just sync. (actually great sync)
  6. Reading PDF online would be great. I’ve stored many e-books online. I wouldn’t be able to read them if the computer doesn’t have PDF reader and I’m not administrator. (I won’t be able to install PDF reader)  image

From what I’ve been hearing Gdrive is bringing many great features and will be different from others out there. For now we’d have to wait and see how things would be shaping up.


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In earlier post I introduced you to Dropbox. I installed and used it and here’s what I think about it.https://i2.wp.com/www.barenakedapp.com/wp-content/uploads/dropbox1.gif

Dropbox is very useful if you use multiple computers and want to keep your files updated in all of them. It is very tightly integrated into the operating system. You just have to drag and drop the files and it will be immediately synced between computers. Revisions or changes made to the file are immediately available in multiple computers. The blazing speed is because it syncs only the changes in the file instead of the whole file, thus saving bandwidth. It also has a public folder which you can share with friends and co-workers. The changes made to any file by anyone (shared) is displayed in homepage. This can be both useful and annoying.

  • Useful because if you are keeping track of any file for updates, you will know immediately when it is updated.
  • Annoying because it shoes files irrelevant to you uploaded by some other user in public folder. Too many such revisions will cause a clutter and make it hard to find the file you are looking for. The only thing that disappointed me was that files cannot be stored online, I mean you can’t delete it from your local hard drive. This software is just for syncing between computers and not for storing data online.

So this application is useful for those who share files or use multiple computers.

dailyapps, I think, is still giving out invitations for private beta. grab yours there.

here is a video demo of dropbox–

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