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This is something you’ll like if you you use keyboard more than mouse. But what about bookmarks, then you’ll have to touch the mouse, not anymore.  SiteLauncher will allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts to all your favorite bookmarks.


To launch, all you have to do is hit Ctrl+Space (or for the Mac users Ctrl+Alt).  If you want to use it without the graphical launcher above, use Shift+Alt (or Shift+Ctrl for the Mac users).

Some of the best features include the ability to customize the appearance, set the launcher to open in current or new tabs, set the launcher up as your homepage and you can add as many sites to it as you need to.

You can get more information about it via the official web site, and download it via the Firefox Add-ons site.


Mozilla is planning to integrate Prism like features into future release of Firefox. Google Chrome has Google gears integrated into it which allows users to turn web apps into desktop apps and use some of them offline.

prism like

Although there are Prism add-on for Firefox, this integrated feature is supposed to provide more functionality.

When you visit a web-based application, you’d be able to click a button to turn it into a desktop app. This would create a desktop shortcut to the application and users would be able to open a window showing just that app. For certain applications, like the Flickr Uploader or Zoho Docs, Firefox might allow you to drag and drop files to upload or create file associations in your operating system so that every time you click on a Word document, for example, Zoho Docs would be opened instead of Microsoft Word. If you use Gmail a lot – after so many uses, Firefox may suggest to you, “Would you like to make Gmail a desktop application?” or “Would you like to add Gmail to your Quick Launch bar?”.

prism firefox


Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Dress your Firefox browser for the Halloween with these Halloween themes –

1. HaloFF

HelloFF is customized with the Nightmare Before Christmas characters to make a fun, dark, Halloween theme.Jack Skellington is the center of HalloFF but a few other characters such as Oogie Boogie and Zero can also be found in the theme. It’s a fun Halloween theme for Firefox.

You can get HaloFF here.

2.  Halloween 2.9.1

A special theme for Hallowe’en. The witches fly across the full moon (real photographs). A Jack-o-lantern. Bats flying. A haunted house. A black cat etc. You can get Halloween 2.9.1 here.

3. Welcome to Hell 2.0

Not much of Halloween type but still good. You can get Welcome to Hell 2.0 here.

New Mozilla Add-ons

Mozilla has unveiled the new version of Mozilla Add-ons.

Here’s what’s new–

  • The interface is available in 24 languages
  • It detects the browser version and either displays an Install button for compatible add-ons and notifies the incompatibilities for those that aren’t.
  • New add-ons that are awaiting review and approval are included in search results and lists marked as experimental and with a link to logon to be able to install them.

mozilla addon

  • Add-on profiles include a download counter for every add-on so you can judge its popularity, several screenshots thumbnails that open in the same page, and a compact area to rate and review it.

add add -on

Sadly firefox-addons-version themes, dictionaries and search engines cannot

be search independently. i.e. if you are searching for a theme the result will include themes, plugins dictionary and extensions too. Pages also look funny sometimes. Things will hopefully improve. What are your views ?

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