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Twitter the popular micro blogging site has refreshed it’s interface and the new one is cooler, smoother and better. Updated tabs, a new design customizer, and Ajax work on the back end are the major features of this release.


The tabs which were on the top of the timeline has been moved to  right sidebar and is bigger. The following/followers/updates stats  has been moved to the top of the page and made larger. Ajax for speed –
When you click on the Home or @Replies tab when you’re already on that page, the updates are now refreshed via Ajax, instead of loading the whole page, which should be faster.


The star and reply swoosh comes up only when you hover over an update.

New design customizer
For some people, this design probably does not look better. If you’ve customized your Twitter colors, it’s possible you have a combination that doesn’t look quite right with this new design. We did our best to maintain customizations in a pleasing way. But if, for example, you have a white sidebar or sidebar border color, it may not look quite right.
But good news! One new feature we’ve added is a completely revamped design customizer, which you’ll find under Settings / Design.


With this tool, you can choose from pre-designed themes, as well as play with your color scheme and background and see the results in real time.

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Twitter is no fun without friends. But searching for and and finding friends could be a heck of a job. Twubble has come to your rescue. Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble—it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow. You need to be logged in Twitter to use this, just click the “find some friends” button.


Twubble scans the list of people you follow to see who they follow. Then it gives a list of persons who you might be interested in following.

You can either follow users directly from the Twubble web page, or you can click on a name to check out their Twitter profile. You can also click the “G” button to look them up on Google.

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