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Today almost every website and forum requires registration to to use it, post comments or download stuff, you probably don’t use that site second time or you are worried about spam.

Least week I found an intriguing post and I wanted to comment on it but the website required registration and I didn’t want to register so I used 10 minute mail and commented on the post.

Of course there are disposable email address services like SpamBox or Mailexpire, that let you create temporary email address which expire after a given time. These service forward all mails to your primary email inbox until the temporary email account expires.

10 Minute Mail is better, you don’t even have to register. Just click on Get my 10 Minute Mail e-mail address and you are done.

first10 min

When you click on it you get a temporary e-mail address which expires in 10 minutes and can extend it for 10 more minutes (as many times you want).

10min sta

Any e-mails sent to this disposable address will show up automatically on the temporary web page that’s visible only to you.
You can read new emails send to the disposable address and even reply to the messages using your new address. Read message are indicated with a tick. The email will self destruct after 10 minutes.

10 min 2

Nice and easy eh?

Here’s what I used it for –


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The new version of Gmail included major performance improvements and new features such as colored labels, group chat and rich emoticons, invisible mode, AIM integration, Gmail Labs, an updated contact manager, and remote sign out. But as these features are very complex only newer browsers could handle them.


The Gmail team has written a new code with small simplifications of user interface which will work in Internet Explorer 6 if you update IE6 with the specific patch that was released by the IE Team performance problem with how the script engine allocates and frees memory.

This a good move as (still) majority of people use Internet Explorer 6 as there default browser and Gmail was not available to them.

[via The Official Google Blog]

[UPDATE] There seem to be lot of confusion here. Version 2.0 of Gmail was provided to the users of Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7 months back but was not available to the users of  Internet Explorer 6 because IE 6 wasn’t powerful enough to handle the features of Gmail 2.0. The gmail team wanted Gmail 2.0 to reach to everyone but that is not possible until it is made available to Internet Explorer 6 users….and that’s what they did now. (I hope this cleares all the confusion)



TimeMachiner is a new mini-app that lets you email people in the future. You can use it to remind yourself to do something that you’ll more than likely forget, keep your future self on the straight and narrow, even wish your friends happy birthday. While this is interesting it isn’t much useful as setting reminder in a calender application is more easier, a “to do’ list is much better for setting reminders than sending email. One use of this might be to send wishes to friend on birthday beforehand in case you are going to a place with no connectivity, though formatting capabilities are bleak. You may test TimeMachiner here.

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