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Ok…today I’m posting after a really long time. My exams end on 24th of this month and then I’ll start regular posting. Thank you for your patience.

I had to use my PC yesterday to check on my projects when I saw the tiny windows update icon in the notification area –


I was not surprised to see Internet Explorer 8. Now, I’ve not got any problem with Internet Explorer, I just ignore it. My problem is the way it is being pushed to users, it is silently downloaded without users knowledge. Many users are barely getting used to IE7 and here comes IE8. Users should be given the option to update like Firefox. people are usually not even aware of the version of Internet Explorer they are using. This might cause Microsoft some trouble from the EC.

Anyway… Internet Explorer is a good browser, at least better than IE7 or IE6. So now that you’ve downloaded it, use it and tell me if you like it or not.

If you didn’t like it Microsoft has made it fairly simple to remove Internet Explorer 8 .



Internet Explorer 8 release candidate 1 which was released last week is getting a lots attention and might pose competition to Google Chrome, the browser which is supposed to get IE users to switch to Chrome.

Both the browsers now have 1% market share and considering IE 8 was released last week it do doing very well. The attention might be due to web developers the world over downloading IE8 to get their sites up to spec before users start switching from IE7 en masse. Likewise, Windows 7 comes with IE8 installed by default, so Microsoft’s recent Windows 7 Beta push can’t be hurting those numbers, either.


Chrome.jpgGoogle’s new browser supposedly built from scratch is super fast, has ultra fast response rate. I downloaded it today morning after all the hype that surrounded it in the blogosphere for the last two days and although I was initially shocked I was very excited about the browser, after all it’s Google’s new shine toy.

After installing it it imported all my bookmark and settings like passwords, history etc. but it doesn’t seem to have the feature of live RSS Feeds. Firefox 3’s awesome bar is really cool and Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome have adopted it. In Google Chrome it is called Omnibox.


The UI is very simple as is common with all of the Google products. The tabs are on top of address bar/omnibox just like Opera. New tab pages display your nine most visited Web pages, as well as the searches you perform most, and your most recent bookmarks. Within each tab are individual controls, such as forward and back buttons. there is no search bar though, all you have got is Omnibox and it works really great, it includes suggestions for URLs, search suggestions from Google and URL Auto completion in Chrome is for top-level domains, not just some individual page you last visited on a site (for example typing cnet news will take you to news.cnet.com and not to http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10023926-1.html) other additional element in omnibox is if you go to Amazon and type within its search box to find a book or CD, Chrome remembers that Amazon search and when it next suggests the Amazon URL in the Omnibox, it also include a link to Amazon’s search box.


Application Shortcuts is a feature that allows you to create desktop icons for Web-only applications, such as Gmail or Calendar.

google gears shortcut

There is a stealth mode or incognito mode just like IE 8 and Safari. The Incognito window looks different: it’s darker and has a little detective character in the upper left corner to help you remember it’s not remembering the Web sites you visit. Although the Omnibox in Incognito has access to the regular Chrome history, everything typed into that stealth tab will be erased when you exit, as though you were never there.


pop-ups are sucked to the bottom of the browser window and you can view them, just drag it out into its own new window. the same applies for downloads also, you cannot interact with them in any way.



Because of isolating each tab’s process, if one tab in Chrome crashes, the entire browser does not. This is similar to a feature within IE8 beta 2. In terms of security, isolating tabs means each tab is in its own sandbox. Applets launched on a page within Chrome are read-only, do not install to the operating system, and cannot access data already on the hard drive.


The browser is pretty and has a cute tearing tab effect, and find in Page.

tearing Tab find in page

But the bookmarks are not neatly arranged, I mean once you get used to Firefox 3’s advance bookmark and tagging system, you can’t get on without it.


You can get  Google Chrome (beta) here.

Don’t forget to read the terms of service cause they are interesting in this case or skim through Be sure to read Chrome’s fine print.


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