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Hi, my vacation in kerala has ended, I’m boarding train right now and will reach my home tomorrow evening. Regular posting will start from 12. Meanwhile keep checking my twitter updates on the right or follow of on twitter- http://www.twitter.com/vinitneo. Thank you.


I have limited (almost no) internet connectivity here. my vacation ends on 10th june and regular posting will start from 12th june. My blog stats for last month were 6008 and this month till now only 415 because of no updates. This makes a total of 7445 till now. The stats hopefully increase after I start updating again. I written this post from my N70, but unfortunately tech cannot be written from N70. Meanwhile keep checking my twitter updates on the right. Thank you.


There was a interesting poll at “Computer Experts” community–Which is gonna be the OS of the future?

The debate going on in the comments section is what made me think and yes Microsoft is leading.

My Analysis-

1) Gaming constitute an industry that commands respect and is often seen in awe for what it has achieved. It is much bigger than Hollywood now with many movies being made into game and many stars  like Tobey Maguire, Johnny Depp etc lending their voices to game characters.

Now good news for windows lovers–Windows is the best platform for Gaming, DirectX is the greatest heaven sent gift for all gamers. No one can beat the gaming performance given by Microsoft Windows.

2) Graphic User Interface, it has got quite a history but we’ll talk about it later. Microsoft started it and are using it to their best advantage. MAC and Linux too have it but not quite up to the mark.

3) Almost all our favorite programs work only in windows.

Most of the computer users are not geeks, simplifying the user experience would be good. I’ve been using Microsoft Windows for 12 years now and am very comfortable with it.

Summery- Gaming is one thing by improving which other OS can get market share.

Users of other OS  might not be very happy now but hay I’ve requested Ubuntu and from what I’ve be hearing it’s very good. I’ll tell you What I Think about Ubuntu after I take it for a test ride.



Posted on: March 3, 2008

How many of you know the full form of XP? Answer it on comments. By the way there is going to be a post on “Future Operating System”. So come back again.



I’m sorry to say that as my exams are starting from tomorrow, I will be thinking less so i won;t be able to update “What I Think” regularly. Please bear with me and wish me for the English exam tomorrow.




 If you live in India you might be well aware of the mob-lynch culture. Here is something which I wrote to the editor of “The Hitavada. It will be published or not remains to be seen. Read the article and tell me if you like it also tell me what your views are on mob-lynch culture. Happy reading!

>>yesterday a murder suspect was brutally trashed by a mob and left almost dead in Bihar while policeman watched. Last Tuesday mob lynched an alleged rapist, Karia Sah. Last year over three dozen incidents were reported. The instances of mob lynching are on the rise. People are fearlessly getting into mob lynch-mob culture because no one is doing anything to them. Under no circumstances common man can take law in his own hands. strict punishments and fines should be imposed on such people so as to curb the lynch-mob culture.
Thank You


My first post. So you might be thinking what this blog is about.

Well this blog about my view about interesting topics. The topics are going to be very interesting, I promise. Second post is going to be Halo 2: Only for Vista. The reason. So everyone tune back in to see it. Comment please so that I can know if you like my blog or not. Suggestions and advise on topics are more than welcome.



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