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Flickr now has more than 3 billion photos. A Flickr user named Garrett Ryan Smith uploaded the 3 billionth photo to the site today.


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Appropriate isn’t it.

This time lets look at storing stuff online in a different way which will give you more command over your files as with whom you should share it.

In this article the files we are dealing with are pictures and documents. (the files we share the most)

Instead of storing files in your PC and syncing it to other computer that you use, it is better to upload them to the Internet, which makes it accessible on any computer and not just the PCs on which you’ve synced them.


Two most prominent sites for uploading pics are Flickr and Picasa.


In Picasa you can store pics in albums, but unfortunately picasa gives only 1 GB free space. Google should transfer some GBs from Gmail to picasa.


Flickr offers unlimited free space but doesn’t have albums but flickr has sets which does the job of organizing pictures wonderfully.

Sharing pictures is also dead simple with both the service.

next comes Documents

First thing that comes to my mind is Google Docs, store as much documents as you want (though they have file size limit), label them, put them in folders and the goodness of Google Search. Sharing is very simple – you just have to invite with an e-mail id. No more messy e-mail attachments.


By above solutions, both pictures and documents can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world provided you have an Internet connection. No software needed. The browser is all that is needed.

So what do you think ?


Do you use multiple Gmail accounts? [and]

do you have to constantly monitor both your inbox for important mails ?

Then some of the means to do this tis to use multiple browser os you could use CookiePie.

CookiePie is a free firefoc extension that lets you lokin into multiple accounts-Facebook, Flickr, Google, Yahoo!………..

You might know that cookie is a small text stored in computer that tells the site your loged in. CookiePie manages those cookies in such a way that you can log into multiple websites.

You can get CookiePie here

here’s a short video–


When I said -“Good news huh ?” at this Post I didn’t think it won’t be so for everyone. ome existing Flickr members aren’t feeling too happy. They argue that video will turn this photo sharing website into another MySpace or YouTube. Below is the petition. If you too don’t want videos in flickr you can sign the petition here.

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-Sunshine- is a group administrator -Sunshine- Pro User says:

This is # 2 petition, because I can imagine how time consuming it is to get to the end just to be able to sign it. Our first Petition has
2,998 signatures. Thank you my Friends.


“We the undersigned members of Flickr, free and pro, agree that video has no place on Flickr. Other sites on the web accept video already, but do not accept photos. We all joined Flickr because of it’s dedication to photography and photographers, and we want Flickr to remain true to this dedication. It is our request that this feature and addition to Flickr be removed.”

If you agree with this statement, type /signed followed by your username/full name in a reply to this thread.

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Good news huh ? But this is only for Flickr Pro members though anyone can view the videos. Flickr Pro members can upload and share video clips. Videos are limited to just 90 seconds and 150MB.


Videos will show up in users’ photostreams, and can be managed just like images, with tags, privacy settings, and other controls. At launch, video will be available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Spanish, and traditional Chinese.

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