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ff1 Type 1. just the fox gets better here, fiery.

ff2 Type 2. more shiny. darker

ff3 Type 3. lighter with less prominent fire.

I defiantly like the 2nd one, it’s more shiny and good looking.

what about you –

The increase in version number is proposed due to the sheer volume of work which makes Shiretoko feel like much more than a small, incremental improvement over Firefox 3: TraceMonkey, <video> tag and player support, improvements to user controls over data privacy, significant improvements in the web layout and rendering platform, and much more.

Under this proposal:

  • Shiretoko would be released as Firefox 3.5,
  • the upcoming third beta release would still carry the 3.1b3 version numbering,
  • the following foruth beta will be numbered Firefox 3.5b4,
  • “Minefield” builds from the trunk mozilla-central repository will be renumbered to 3.6a1pre until further notice – we will need to consider and decide on a version number for that release at a future date,
  • the Gecko version numbering will not change, remain 1.9.1 on the mozilla-1.9.1 branch and 1.9.2 on the mozilla-central repository for the forseeable future.


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Foxmarks, one of my favorite add-on which backups your bookmarks and password, suggests tags is changing it’s name to xmarks and adding new features.

xmarks The features of xmarks are –

Screenshot of Smarter Search.

Smarter Search

Xmarks will highlight the 3 top sites in your Google results based on how many people have bookmarked them. Simply move your mouse over the site info icon to learn more about that site.

Screenshot of Site Info.

Site Info built into your browser

Click on the Xmarks info icon in your location bar to see detailed information about the site you are on, and discover other great sites just like it.

Multi-browser for Xmarks coming soon.

Sync and Backup

Install Xmarks on each computer you use, and it seamlessly integrates with your web browser and keeps your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync.
The Xmarks browser add-on is coming soon to Internet Explorer and Safari.


Adding new features is great but why the name change?

Well.. The add-on is now not a Firefox only add-on, it’s compactable with both Internet Explorer and Safari. The name Foxmarks links it with Firefox. This might be the reason for the change of name.



The popular bookmark syncing Firefox extension Foxmarks has updated to version 2.7.2 and added a new feature of suggesting tags.

What makes this feature especially useful is that you can instantly find tagged bookmarks by typing tag names into the Firefox 3 location bar. This is one of the quickest ways to organize and recall bookmarks in Firefox 3. However, if you don’t use tags, you can turn off this feature via Foxmarks Settings.The tag suggestion is based on how other users tagged similar page. Suggested Tags is currently available only for the Firefox browser and suggests only English tags.

fox suggest

sadly the suggestions do not include tags that we already use, which might take the fun away from the person who has rigid tagging standards.

Foxmarks syncs your bookmarks, passwords, profiles, has mobile access and now suggests you tags. You can get Foxmarks here.


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This is something you’ll like if you you use keyboard more than mouse. But what about bookmarks, then you’ll have to touch the mouse, not anymore.  SiteLauncher will allow you to assign keyboard shortcuts to all your favorite bookmarks.


To launch, all you have to do is hit Ctrl+Space (or for the Mac users Ctrl+Alt).  If you want to use it without the graphical launcher above, use Shift+Alt (or Shift+Ctrl for the Mac users).

Some of the best features include the ability to customize the appearance, set the launcher to open in current or new tabs, set the launcher up as your homepage and you can add as many sites to it as you need to.

You can get more information about it via the official web site, and download it via the Firefox Add-ons site.


Mozilla is planning to integrate Prism like features into future release of Firefox. Google Chrome has Google gears integrated into it which allows users to turn web apps into desktop apps and use some of them offline.

prism like

Although there are Prism add-on for Firefox, this integrated feature is supposed to provide more functionality.

When you visit a web-based application, you’d be able to click a button to turn it into a desktop app. This would create a desktop shortcut to the application and users would be able to open a window showing just that app. For certain applications, like the Flickr Uploader or Zoho Docs, Firefox might allow you to drag and drop files to upload or create file associations in your operating system so that every time you click on a Word document, for example, Zoho Docs would be opened instead of Microsoft Word. If you use Gmail a lot – after so many uses, Firefox may suggest to you, “Would you like to make Gmail a desktop application?” or “Would you like to add Gmail to your Quick Launch bar?”.

prism firefox



As expected Google Chrome is now the default browser in Google Pack. Firefox bundled with Google Toolbar is still available, but you need to explicitly select it. This means new users will will go in with Google Chrome more. Before the launch of it’s own browser Goggle was promoting Firefox heavily but things are changing fast and it’s going to cause some problems to Firefox. Google’s official alternative to Internet Explorer is now Chrome.

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