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No one would argue with me when I say twitter search is a very useful thing. Now it’s getting better.

Twitter search used to crawl only the text in tweets, soon it’ll start crawling links in tweet and index the pages making it almost an alternative to google search for upto the second information.

The trending topics will integrate reputation ranking system which ranks the search results on the basis of reputation of the person. How this reputation will be calculated is still unknown, though I think the number of retweets and linking will be taken into consideration.

The ranking system would help twitter search in reducing or eliminateing the noise by removing retweets and irrelevent content.

Other changes – Twitter follower notification emails have changed from plain text to full html earlier today. It now gives information like the number of people the user is following, how many people are following the user and the total number of updates tweeted. Now with all this information it is easier to weed out spammers. Addition of user’s bio and last 5 or 10 tweets would have been more helpful.

Note: the lack of pictures is because I wrote the entire article on mobile. Sorry.

One of What I Think reader Pavithra wanted to know how to send an email with an expiry date, so I did bit of a research and here it is –

There exists no simple way to send email with expiry date except in Microsoft Office Outlook where you can do this with the custom header “Expiry-Date”. Others are some scripts like Apache Ant and dozens of scripts which are beyond normal users.

But when i come to think about it, its an useful feature – “Going Away for Lunch with Mat today!” is not something I need to see or know about 7 days after the event. So there should be some some sorta thing which will causes the e-mail to delete itself from the server if not read within ‘x’ amount of time.

As only Microsoft Office Outlook allows you this feature now… I’ll tell you how to use it –


Outlook allows you to set an expiry date for emails you send, allowing your recipients to see quickly when messages are out of date. An expired message will still arrive in the recipient’s inbox and can still be viewed, but will appear with a line through the sender name and subject line, as shown below.


To set an expiry date for an email message:
1. Create a new message as normal
2. Select the Options… button on the toolbar


Note: If you do not see an Options… button on the toolbar, select Tools | Options… from the menus
3. Tick the box next to Expires after: (in the Delivery options section)
4. Set the date and time at which the message expires.
Message options

5. Click Close

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Now you can add photos to Picasa web album by simply emailing them.

Go to Settings page and check "Allow me to upload photos by email." You get an email address with the following format: username.secretkey@picasaweb.com.

By default, Picasa Web uploads your photos to the built-in Drop Box albums, but it’s a good idea to choose your destination by entering the name of an existing album in the subject of your email. You can attach up to 20MB of photos in JPG, GIF and PNG formats. Since Picasa Web’s mobile site still doesn’t support uploading photos, the new option should be really useful when you want to share photos from a phone with email or MMS capabilities.


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