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Many windows users still like and use XP, it is one of the most popular operating system till date and it seems that it isn’t going out of service any time soon.

Microsoft has been offering downgrade from vista to XP, now they say they are going to extend it to Windows 7 too.

While it is true that Vista was/is too resource heavy to run in low powered computers like netbooks so as to keep the market share of Windows high and not to give way to Linux. But this isn’t required in case of Windows 7 as it is perfectly capable of running in netbooks and low powered PCs.

You have to remember that you just can’t walk into a store and purchase Windows XP, you have to downgrade. For netbook users the downgrade is most likely to be limited as Windows 7 isn’t a resource hog. The downgrade option would most likely benefit corporate customers who aren’t ready to upgrade to Windows 7. You might have to purchase Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate edition to qualify for the downgrade.

Microsoft isn’t commenting on the deadline for downgrading to Windows XP. But an early report indicated that the downgrade option would be available through April 30, 2010.


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We already know that Windows Starter is a very basic version which is going to be extremely feature limited but not giving the option to even change the wallpaper is preposterous… yeah you heard it right, no personalization, not even wallpaper.

Well, starter edition will be only available in emerging markets and will be used in low cost PCs and netbooks but that is no excuse for denying basic feature such as personalization.

Windows 7 is still in beta testing and no features has been finalized yet, hopefully Microsoft will enable personalization in final version.


note: Sorry guys and gals for not updating for so long, my exams are on and I’m getting hardly any time to even check my mail. So the frequency of my posting will be less for a month or so. Thank you for your patience and understanding.




Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 is the first Windows OS which lets you disable Internet Explorer 8 not only that, the list includes –

  • Windows Media Player
  • Windows Media Center
  • Windows DVD Maker
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Windows Search
  • Handwriting Recognition (through the Tablet PC Components option)
  • Windows Gadget Platform
  • Fax and Scan
  • XPS Viewer and Services (including the Virtual Print Driver)

Earlier version of windows too had the feature to turn features on or off but the list wasn’t this extensive. The development of Windows 7 is certainly going in the right direction – the end user now would get more controls over the features without using up all the resources.

[via Engineering Windows 7]

The increase in version number is proposed due to the sheer volume of work which makes Shiretoko feel like much more than a small, incremental improvement over Firefox 3: TraceMonkey, <video> tag and player support, improvements to user controls over data privacy, significant improvements in the web layout and rendering platform, and much more.

Under this proposal:

  • Shiretoko would be released as Firefox 3.5,
  • the upcoming third beta release would still carry the 3.1b3 version numbering,
  • the following foruth beta will be numbered Firefox 3.5b4,
  • “Minefield” builds from the trunk mozilla-central repository will be renumbered to 3.6a1pre until further notice – we will need to consider and decide on a version number for that release at a future date,
  • the Gecko version numbering will not change, remain 1.9.1 on the mozilla-1.9.1 branch and 1.9.2 on the mozilla-central repository for the forseeable future.


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Foxmarks, one of my favorite add-on which backups your bookmarks and password, suggests tags is changing it’s name to xmarks and adding new features.

xmarks The features of xmarks are –

Screenshot of Smarter Search.

Smarter Search

Xmarks will highlight the 3 top sites in your Google results based on how many people have bookmarked them. Simply move your mouse over the site info icon to learn more about that site.

Screenshot of Site Info.

Site Info built into your browser

Click on the Xmarks info icon in your location bar to see detailed information about the site you are on, and discover other great sites just like it.

Multi-browser for Xmarks coming soon.

Sync and Backup

Install Xmarks on each computer you use, and it seamlessly integrates with your web browser and keeps your bookmarks safely backed up and in sync.
The Xmarks browser add-on is coming soon to Internet Explorer and Safari.


Adding new features is great but why the name change?

Well.. The add-on is now not a Firefox only add-on, it’s compactable with both Internet Explorer and Safari. The name Foxmarks links it with Firefox. This might be the reason for the change of name.


windows 7

Microsoft seems to working really hard on Windows 7, last week rumors were circulating in the blogosphere about a new beta built.

Computerworld noticed that Windows 7 Build 7022 has been available on sites like The Pirate Bay for download this week, the last days in which Windows users were able to download the beta before Microsoft pulled the plug Thursday.

Although Microsoft is silent about development of Windows 7 since the public beta release (Windows 7 Build 7000 ), they aren’t sitting idle, leaked information from testers reveals that Windows 7 Build 7048 carries the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) label which is the next milestone of Windows 7. Various sources indicate that a select pool of Microsoft testers have received Windows 7 Build 6.1.7048.winmain_win7rc1.090211-1625. Microsoft has neither confirmed or denied anything; However, the version label associated with Windows 7 Build 7048 indeed suggests that the Redmond company has branched off winmain. At the same time, “090211-1625” indicates that Windows 7 Build 7048 was compiled on February 11, 2009, at 4:25 PM.

There is considerable concerns about Microsoft moving too fast with Windows 7 in an attempt to make an early release. Lets hope Microsoft will not stumble because of the speed and deliver a good product.


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At last Mozilla has the second beta of Firefox 3.1 and comes with a lot of changes –

Tabbed Browsing

add tab

The new tab preview and the tab switching behavior introduced in Beta 1 are no longer there, it seems it needs more work.

The tab bar is now always visible and a new tab button has been added to it. Tab drag and drop as well as tab tearing has been implemented, just like in Chrome but the visuals aren’t like Chrome’s.

Private Browsing

private text

The very much requested feature has finally made it into this built. As the above picture says –

No history will be recorded by Firefox during this browsing session. This includes browser history, search history, download history, web form history, cookies and temporary internet files. However, any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved.

You just have to go to Tools and select Private Browsing. Firefox saves your current Tabs and exits and starts in Private mode.

private start

The only way you know you are in Private mode is the text (Private Browsing) added to the title bar. The next beta or Final version of Firefox will make sure that pass byers don’t know that you’re doing Private stuff by making Private browsing more private i.e. remove the text (Private Browsing) from the title bar maybe and make it less conspicuous.


TraceMonkey, the superfast JavaScript engine is now enabled by default, unleashing serious performance improvements.

A standard way to declare, create and run web page background processes (like JavaScript code) called web workers, will enable web developers to create more responsive rich internet applications where complex scripts don’t put the whole interface on hold.

Better Session Restore

session_restore1  Organizing Bookmarks is now even better


Now you can edit multiple bookmarks at the same time. Tagging can be faster now with tag autocomplete for bookmarks and history.


Some other changes –

search awesome bar When you open a new tab you’ll see this in the awesomebar++.

And it has gotten the new g


the G

93/100 in Acid 3 and hopefully will be 100/100 in the final release.


and a lot more to come….

read the release notes here.

You can download Firefox 3.1 beta 2 here.

Users of Firefox 2.x beware


Mozilla is removing the anti-phishing feature starting version of Firefox. The reason being given is that Google, which provides the phishing data via the SafeBrowsing protocol, has asked Mozilla to disable the feature in Firefox 2.0 since it relies on an obsolete version of the protocol.


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