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What I Think turns 1

Posted on: February 27, 2009


Last year on 27 February I had started this blog to help out my friends, family (who are tech ignorant) and everyone else who likes technology, and would like to keep themselves updated on the technology front.

What I Think is about software, internet, Goggle, Microsoft and technology as a whole. I try to inform you about software updates, try to inform you about new features in the the simplest way possible so that a wider audience understands it. Show you new sites and tricks which would simplify your work, tell you how to do things in a simpler and a faster way and solve your technology related problem.

My first post was – Hello World

My first post. So you might be thinking what this blog is about.

Well this blog about my view about interesting topics. The topics are going to be very interesting, I promise. Second post is going to be Halo 2: Only for Vista. The reason. So everyone tune back in to see it. Comment please so that I can know if you like my blog or not. Suggestions and advise on topics are more than welcome.




Second post was Halo 2: Only for Vista. The Reason


Some of the still Popular posts from the initial days are  of Halo (Game)

The only thing motivating me to keep on writing was the number of visits and the comments responses of my friends. My blog stats are getting higher and higher each month, which motivates to write better posts.


Top Posts

Halo 3: What’s comming? 11,818 views

Windows XP Expiry Date Extended 6,257 views

Halo 3 : What’s coming… Part 2 2,828 views

New Version of Gmail now available to IE6 users 2,139 views

Google Chrome Portable 1,170 views

Dropbox for iPhone 848 views

Firefox 3.0.2 [update] 585 views

Google Chrome Theme for Firefox 545 views

Top Searches

halo 3,  halo,  windows xp,  firefox,  halo3

Most Active

Halo 3: What’s comming? 1,220 views

Windows XP Expiry Date Extended 441 views

Windows XP Expiry Date Extended AGAIN 121 views

Halo 3 : What’s coming… Part 2 116 views

Firefox 3.0.2 [update] 76 views

I wana thank you all for visiting my blog, commenting and helping me on improving my blog. This is just the beginning, I’m still experimenting with ideas and I assure you that I’ll do my best to make this blog useful to you.

Thank You




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7 Responses to "What I Think turns 1"

Congrats and Happy Birthday to What I think

Happy birthday to you.:) happy birthday to you.:) Happy birthday to you.:) happy birthday to you.:) Keep up the good work 🙂

Congrats.. It’s a good blog, I wish you luck.

Your post on Halo is wicked cool! I love Halo

I’m subscribing to your blog.

Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

Sorry for the late wish!!! Anyways!!!!!………….
Waiting for a Belated birthday party!!!!!!

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