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Last year on 27 February I had started this blog to help out my friends, family (who are tech ignorant) and everyone else who likes technology, and would like to keep themselves updated on the technology front.

What I Think is about software, internet, Goggle, Microsoft and technology as a whole. I try to inform you about software updates, try to inform you about new features in the the simplest way possible so that a wider audience understands it. Show you new sites and tricks which would simplify your work, tell you how to do things in a simpler and a faster way and solve your technology related problem.

My first post was – Hello World

My first post. So you might be thinking what this blog is about.

Well this blog about my view about interesting topics. The topics are going to be very interesting, I promise. Second post is going to be Halo 2: Only for Vista. The reason. So everyone tune back in to see it. Comment please so that I can know if you like my blog or not. Suggestions and advise on topics are more than welcome.




Second post was Halo 2: Only for Vista. The Reason


Some of the still Popular posts from the initial days are  of Halo (Game)

The only thing motivating me to keep on writing was the number of visits and the comments responses of my friends. My blog stats are getting higher and higher each month, which motivates to write better posts.


Top Posts

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Top Searches

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Halo 3: What’s comming? 1,220 views

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Halo 3 : What’s coming… Part 2 116 views

Firefox 3.0.2 [update] 76 views

I wana thank you all for visiting my blog, commenting and helping me on improving my blog. This is just the beginning, I’m still experimenting with ideas and I assure you that I’ll do my best to make this blog useful to you.

Thank You




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windows 7

Microsoft seems to working really hard on Windows 7, last week rumors were circulating in the blogosphere about a new beta built.

Computerworld noticed that Windows 7 Build 7022 has been available on sites like The Pirate Bay for download this week, the last days in which Windows users were able to download the beta before Microsoft pulled the plug Thursday.

Although Microsoft is silent about development of Windows 7 since the public beta release (Windows 7 Build 7000 ), they aren’t sitting idle, leaked information from testers reveals that Windows 7 Build 7048 carries the Release Candidate 1 (RC1) label which is the next milestone of Windows 7. Various sources indicate that a select pool of Microsoft testers have received Windows 7 Build 6.1.7048.winmain_win7rc1.090211-1625. Microsoft has neither confirmed or denied anything; However, the version label associated with Windows 7 Build 7048 indeed suggests that the Redmond company has branched off winmain. At the same time, “090211-1625” indicates that Windows 7 Build 7048 was compiled on February 11, 2009, at 4:25 PM.

There is considerable concerns about Microsoft moving too fast with Windows 7 in an attempt to make an early release. Lets hope Microsoft will not stumble because of the speed and deliver a good product.


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The popular bookmark syncing Firefox extension Foxmarks has updated to version 2.7.2 and added a new feature of suggesting tags.

What makes this feature especially useful is that you can instantly find tagged bookmarks by typing tag names into the Firefox 3 location bar. This is one of the quickest ways to organize and recall bookmarks in Firefox 3. However, if you don’t use tags, you can turn off this feature via Foxmarks Settings.The tag suggestion is based on how other users tagged similar page. Suggested Tags is currently available only for the Firefox browser and suggests only English tags.

fox suggest

sadly the suggestions do not include tags that we already use, which might take the fun away from the person who has rigid tagging standards.

Foxmarks syncs your bookmarks, passwords, profiles, has mobile access and now suggests you tags. You can get Foxmarks here.


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There are a lot of browser add-ons and software for twitter but this one is a lot simpler than all of them cause it is a bookmarklet.


All you have to do is to enter your Twitter username and password –


Click Create and drag the Twitlet button to the bookmarks bar.


Now just click the bookmarklet and twit, you don’t even have to enter your username or password cause account details are encrypted and stored in the bookmarklet.

my twit

Click ok and

here’s my twit –

the twit

If you want to include the URL you’re currently viewing, just add #this or #link to your update, and Twitlet automatically generates a truncated URL via is.gd.

This is the fastest and the easiest way to twitter.


One of What I Think reader Pavithra wanted to know how to send an email with an expiry date, so I did bit of a research and here it is –

There exists no simple way to send email with expiry date except in Microsoft Office Outlook where you can do this with the custom header “Expiry-Date”. Others are some scripts like Apache Ant and dozens of scripts which are beyond normal users.

But when i come to think about it, its an useful feature – “Going Away for Lunch with Mat today!” is not something I need to see or know about 7 days after the event. So there should be some some sorta thing which will causes the e-mail to delete itself from the server if not read within ‘x’ amount of time.

As only Microsoft Office Outlook allows you this feature now… I’ll tell you how to use it –


Outlook allows you to set an expiry date for emails you send, allowing your recipients to see quickly when messages are out of date. An expired message will still arrive in the recipient’s inbox and can still be viewed, but will appear with a line through the sender name and subject line, as shown below.


To set an expiry date for an email message:
1. Create a new message as normal
2. Select the Options… button on the toolbar


Note: If you do not see an Options… button on the toolbar, select Tools | Options… from the menus
3. Tick the box next to Expires after: (in the Delivery options section)
4. Set the date and time at which the message expires.
Message options

5. Click Close

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Internet Explorer 8 release candidate 1 which was released last week is getting a lots attention and might pose competition to Google Chrome, the browser which is supposed to get IE users to switch to Chrome.

Both the browsers now have 1% market share and considering IE 8 was released last week it do doing very well. The attention might be due to web developers the world over downloading IE8 to get their sites up to spec before users start switching from IE7 en masse. Likewise, Windows 7 comes with IE8 installed by default, so Microsoft’s recent Windows 7 Beta push can’t be hurting those numbers, either.


One very good feature of Google’s Chrome is the page which you get when you open a new tab which gives  thumbnail previews of Most Visited, Recent Bookmarks and Recently closed tabs.


You can now get this page in Firefox if you install the new Google Toolbar 5 beta.

When you open a new tab, Google Toolbar can preload it with useful information. With one click, you can get to the web resources you use most often.

Most visited thumbnails

Links to websites you visit the most

Chances are you visit some websites on a regular basis. The Google new tab page provides up to nine image thumbnails and links for those websites automatically.

Click a thumbnail to open a website, or right-click it to access options to open it in another new tab or in a new window. Thumbnails won’t display until Toolbar has saved at least three thumbnails.


Recent bookmarks

Recently saved websites

Up to nine most recently created Google bookmarks and browser bookmarks appear on the page for easy access.





Recently closed tabs

Recently closed tabs

Links to tabs that you’ve closed within the past five minutes are stored in case you accidentally close something. Up to three links are displayed.

Some other features of the toolbar are –


You can read about all the features here.


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