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Webhosting and there problems, Thanks to wordpress for worry free Hosting.

Posted on: December 12, 2008

Currently i am on free hosting provided by WordPress itself. WordPress.com provides good hosting for personal blogs but they didn’t allow us to run ads on our blogs. For that purpose they disabled Java script on WordPress.com blogs. Few of my friends have self hosted WordPress blogs. I really feel lucky that i am free from worries about hosting service.

One of the most problematic concern for people using self hosted blogs is customer support from hosting firms. Support always go offline when you need it. Support to customers should be major concern of any business.

WordPress is really high CPU consuming CMS [Content managment system] due to there high use of PHP functions. Thats why we need high performance business hosting. WordPress totally built on PHP, and PHP is CPU hungry.

Webmosting problems

Web hosting includes whole package Databases, CPU usages, IP address, and many many things. WordPress.com is just simplified version of blog hosting, Simply host your blog , No worry about database etc,

Recently Youtube started HD video streaming, Just consider how much bandwidth it will suck up from there servers. You tube being a product of Google its powered by high performance Google servers, So i dont think so this is problem for them. But if we start thinking of making video site like your tube then we must think of Bandwidth they provide, Same thing is applied to your wordpress blog. If you have many visitors then you must have sufficient bandwidth to support all that traffic.


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thank u for the information provided.

I really like the pic you have in the post. it kind of reminds me of that movie called naploian dynamite.

Hello, thank you for this great article. It is really worth the read. Here one finds again but always good contributions. It on.


Great topic. I also believe that self host wordpress gets index often. Also, having no ads on the page itself is beneficial since Search Engines consider it as “Spam” free. I noticed that other SE like MSN loves WordPress and websites that has no ads such as “Adsense”.

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