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Mozilla’s mobile Firefox browser, Fennec, has hit Alpha 2 and is faster, smoother and the usability of the features have been improved. This new release has also got 1 new add-on besides URL Fixer – AutoAuth which simply adds password memory for sites that require authentication. From the looks of this Alpha built, it seems to be on the way to become the best mobile web browser and if developers start making add-ons for Fennec like Firefox, it’ll be truly unbeatable.


Most of the changes are under the hood. Alpha 2  features a Firefox 3-like “awsome bar” ,  popup blocker, password manager, and option to clear private data. For now it runs on Nokia Internet Tablets. You can also take it for a test spin on Windows, OS X , and Linux computers.

For now it runs on Nokia Internet Tablets. You can also take it for a test spin on Windows, OS X , and Linux computers. You can get it here.

I have a feeling that XP would be a operating system that just won’t die. Microsoft has stopped offering retail copies of the operating system and were intending to tell computer makers to stop preloading the software on new notebook and desktop systems earlier this year. But Microsoft had been delaying this decision for many times now. XP was going to be put to sleep on January 31, 2009. But now the company has allowed computer makers are allowed to continue shipping machines with Windows XP through 2009.



As expected Google Chrome is now the default browser in Google Pack. Firefox bundled with Google Toolbar is still available, but you need to explicitly select it. This means new users will will go in with Google Chrome more. Before the launch of it’s own browser Goggle was promoting Firefox heavily but things are changing fast and it’s going to cause some problems to Firefox. Google’s official alternative to Internet Explorer is now Chrome.

The final version of Firefox 2.x is here, this version fixes some security issues. There will be no further updates for Firefox 2.x and it will no longer be maintained with security and stability updates. All users are encouraged to upgrade to Firefox 3 which is faster, safer and better.

Please note that Firefox does not include Phishing Protection.

Current Firefox 2 users may obtain Firefox manually via the Check for Updates… option from the Help menu. Automatic upgrade (for those who have this feature enabled) should occur within the next 24-48 hours. Alternatively, users may also download Firefox directly here.


Mozilla has released the fifth stability and security update for the current Firefox 3 browser. For more information about What’s New in Firefox 3.0.5, check out the Release Notes (as of this post were titled  What’s New in Firefox 3.0.5 Beta).

Current Firefox 3 users may obtain Firefox 3.0.5 manually via the Check for Updates… option from the Help menu. Automatic upgrade (for those who have this feature enabled) should occur within the next 24-48 hours. Alternatively, users may also download Firefox 3.0.5 directly via getfirefox.com

Currently i am on free hosting provided by WordPress itself. WordPress.com provides good hosting for personal blogs but they didn’t allow us to run ads on our blogs. For that purpose they disabled Java script on WordPress.com blogs. Few of my friends have self hosted WordPress blogs. I really feel lucky that i am free from worries about hosting service.

One of the most problematic concern for people using self hosted blogs is customer support from hosting firms. Support always go offline when you need it. Support to customers should be major concern of any business.

WordPress is really high CPU consuming CMS [Content managment system] due to there high use of PHP functions. Thats why we need high performance business hosting. WordPress totally built on PHP, and PHP is CPU hungry.

Webmosting problems

Web hosting includes whole package Databases, CPU usages, IP address, and many many things. WordPress.com is just simplified version of blog hosting, Simply host your blog , No worry about database etc,

Recently Youtube started HD video streaming, Just consider how much bandwidth it will suck up from there servers. You tube being a product of Google its powered by high performance Google servers, So i dont think so this is problem for them. But if we start thinking of making video site like your tube then we must think of Bandwidth they provide, Same thing is applied to your wordpress blog. If you have many visitors then you must have sufficient bandwidth to support all that traffic.

At last Mozilla has the second beta of Firefox 3.1 and comes with a lot of changes –

Tabbed Browsing

add tab

The new tab preview and the tab switching behavior introduced in Beta 1 are no longer there, it seems it needs more work.

The tab bar is now always visible and a new tab button has been added to it. Tab drag and drop as well as tab tearing has been implemented, just like in Chrome but the visuals aren’t like Chrome’s.

Private Browsing

private text

The very much requested feature has finally made it into this built. As the above picture says –

No history will be recorded by Firefox during this browsing session. This includes browser history, search history, download history, web form history, cookies and temporary internet files. However, any files you download or bookmarks you create will be preserved.

You just have to go to Tools and select Private Browsing. Firefox saves your current Tabs and exits and starts in Private mode.

private start

The only way you know you are in Private mode is the text (Private Browsing) added to the title bar. The next beta or Final version of Firefox will make sure that pass byers don’t know that you’re doing Private stuff by making Private browsing more private i.e. remove the text (Private Browsing) from the title bar maybe and make it less conspicuous.


TraceMonkey, the superfast JavaScript engine is now enabled by default, unleashing serious performance improvements.

A standard way to declare, create and run web page background processes (like JavaScript code) called web workers, will enable web developers to create more responsive rich internet applications where complex scripts don’t put the whole interface on hold.

Better Session Restore

session_restore1  Organizing Bookmarks is now even better


Now you can edit multiple bookmarks at the same time. Tagging can be faster now with tag autocomplete for bookmarks and history.


Some other changes –

search awesome bar When you open a new tab you’ll see this in the awesomebar++.

And it has gotten the new g


the G

93/100 in Acid 3 and hopefully will be 100/100 in the final release.


and a lot more to come….

read the release notes here.

You can download Firefox 3.1 beta 2 here.

Users of Firefox 2.x beware


Mozilla is removing the anti-phishing feature starting version of Firefox. The reason being given is that Google, which provides the phishing data via the SafeBrowsing protocol, has asked Mozilla to disable the feature in Firefox 2.0 since it relies on an obsolete version of the protocol.



The new photo you took lest week is a big hit and drawing a lot of comments but most of them in some other language, of course you can copy and paste the comment into Google Translate but it take time and translating 50 to 100 comments is not a good idea.

Well, Google seems to have thought of this problem and they integrated Google Translate into Picasa web albums, now your  comment written in Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French or any other language will be automatically translated  in your interface’s language.

The results are not perfect always. But do try it out.

[via Google Operating System]


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