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Online Storage Service [Take 2]

Posted on: August 4, 2008

This time lets look at storing stuff online in a different way which will give you more command over your files as with whom you should share it.

In this article the files we are dealing with are pictures and documents. (the files we share the most)

Instead of storing files in your PC and syncing it to other computer that you use, it is better to upload them to the Internet, which makes it accessible on any computer and not just the PCs on which you’ve synced them.


Two most prominent sites for uploading pics are Flickr and Picasa.


In Picasa you can store pics in albums, but unfortunately picasa gives only 1 GB free space. Google should transfer some GBs from Gmail to picasa.


Flickr offers unlimited free space but doesn’t have albums but flickr has sets which does the job of organizing pictures wonderfully.

Sharing pictures is also dead simple with both the service.

next comes Documents

First thing that comes to my mind is Google Docs, store as much documents as you want (though they have file size limit), label them, put them in folders and the goodness of Google Search. Sharing is very simple – you just have to invite with an e-mail id. No more messy e-mail attachments.


By above solutions, both pictures and documents can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world provided you have an Internet connection. No software needed. The browser is all that is needed.

So what do you think ?



2 Responses to "Online Storage Service [Take 2]"

On the subject of file backup, sharing and storage …

Online backup is becoming common these days. It is estimated that 70-75% of all PC’s will be connected to online backup services with in the next decade.

Thousands of online backup companies exist, from one guy operating in his apartment to fortune 500 companies.

Choosing the best online backup company will be very confusing and difficult. One website I find very helpful in making a decision to pick an online backup company is:


This site lists more than 400 online backup companies in its directory and ranks the top 25 on a monthly basis.

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