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Windows Live Writer for blogging

Posted on: April 7, 2008

image This a a must have for every blogger. Believe me this is a great piece of software for blogging. Lot of blogs have touched on this subject before but I couldn’t help writing about it cause its productivity and simplicity are great.


Windows Live Writer is currently compatible with:

It includes a WSYIWYG blog editor as well as tools for publishing photos, maps. You can write in normal, web layout or HTML code and see how it is going to look in your blog with web preview.

Some cool things you can do with Windows Live Writer are –

  • Embedding video clips – just drag and drop the video embed codes from YouTube or Google video (you should be in normal view)
  • Paste Special ? – Windows Live Writer has an option called “paste special” which allows you to remove all HTML formatting but preserve hyperlinks and images.
  • Add Tags to Your WordPress Posts – I did not know about this a week ago. I used to post draft at weblog and add tags. Then I discovered that you can add tags by putting keywords in properties.keywords
  • Add more tags – Add technorati, Flickr, LiveJournal, IceRocket, 43 Things, BuzzNet, del.icio.us and option to add more. tags
  • Link Glossary – Here you can store all the links you regularly use in your blog. For example if you regularly link to Google homepage in your blog post, you can include that address in the Link Glossary.  link glossary
  • Resize Images – You can easily resize image by dragging the pointers near the image corners. Windows Live Writer will maintain a link to your source image for readers who like to view the image in full size.
  • You can also insert blog widgets, adsense and other javascript by Switching to the HTML code view (Shift+F11) and insert any scripts or CSS code.
  • All your post are also saved in your hard drive-


draft is also saved in your hard drive and the the draft your working on is saved every 3(you can change this) minutes (though this option is not enabled by default). Just go to Tools -> Options -> preference.

There are many colors to suit your mood (this feature would have been better in Windows Live Photos Galary)


I thing I should stop here or I’ll go on writing.


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