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Dropbox : Sync between computers

Posted on: March 20, 2008

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In earlier post I introduced you to Dropbox. I installed and used it and here’s what I think about it.https://i0.wp.com/www.barenakedapp.com/wp-content/uploads/dropbox1.gif

Dropbox is very useful if you use multiple computers and want to keep your files updated in all of them. It is very tightly integrated into the operating system. You just have to drag and drop the files and it will be immediately synced between computers. Revisions or changes made to the file are immediately available in multiple computers. The blazing speed is because it syncs only the changes in the file instead of the whole file, thus saving bandwidth. It also has a public folder which you can share with friends and co-workers. The changes made to any file by anyone (shared) is displayed in homepage. This can be both useful and annoying.

  • Useful because if you are keeping track of any file for updates, you will know immediately when it is updated.
  • Annoying because it shoes files irrelevant to you uploaded by some other user in public folder. Too many such revisions will cause a clutter and make it hard to find the file you are looking for. The only thing that disappointed me was that files cannot be stored online, I mean you can’t delete it from your local hard drive. This software is just for syncing between computers and not for storing data online.

So this application is useful for those who share files or use multiple computers.

dailyapps, I think, is still giving out invitations for private beta. grab yours there.

here is a video demo of dropbox–


14 Responses to "Dropbox : Sync between computers"

Dailyapps, along with many other blogs, is out of beta invites. Do you have any invites left? I would love to be able to get one. I will also offer to share some of my invites with anyone else who is looking for one here. That way we can keep the sharing going.


Thanks for the invite! If anyone else is looking for one let me know and I will hook you up.

you are welcome, just keep coming back

I would love an invitation – thanks! Can’t wait to start using it!

I’d really appreciate an invite. Foldershare wasn’t doing the trick for me with 2 macs on a LAN. Thanks.

Great post! This is just what I’ve been seaching for to keep my life in sync. Do you have any invites left? I’d be happy to share the ones I get! Thanks.

Invitations sent.

/me would also appreciate an invitation 🙂
Thanks in advance!

I have been trying pretty hard to get an invite and it would absolutely make my month to get one!

Guys.. please wait I’ll send you the invites.. they are really hard to get every user gets only 4 invites ..I’ve used up mine. But don’t worry I’ve requested for more invites.. I’ll send the invites soon.

would me very happy to get a invitation to dropbox!

thanks a lot!

Invitations sent to above; … sorry guys no more invites left and in case I get any I’ll make a new post about it. Comments on this post closed.:(

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