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WordPress thrashing Internet Explorer

Posted on: March 14, 2008

Yesterday I went to my blog using Internet Explorer 8. My blog was looking wired with all the text on top of each other and below the blog stats of my blog I found this link Browse Happy. In the site I found it telling (sort off) that IE is evil and recommending me to switch to Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Safari. I found lot of users view too. Below is the content of Browse Happy.–>

Why is Internet Explorer unsafe?
See what people are saying about Internet Explorer, in the wake of its most recent security issues:

New York Times, In Search of a Browser That Banishes Clutter:

Ms. Sandlin is so devoted to [Firefox] that she has taped a note to her monitor warning guests not to click on the desktop shortcut to Internet Explorer. Do not touch the blue ‘E!’ the note says.

USA Today, Security risks swell for Microsoft’s Explorer:

Using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser to surf the Internet has become a marked risk — even with the latest security patches installed.

The Inquirer, US Government warns against Internet Explorer:

The US Government has sent out a warning out to internet users through its Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), pleading users to stop using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

eWeek, Bugs, Exploits Dog XP SP2:

Meanwhile, security researchers are reporting a new vulnerability in SP2 that could allow a malicious Web site to deposit an attack program on a user’s system.

The attack utilizes Internet Explorer’s drag-and-drop features and the Windows “shell folders” to copy an executable from a malicious Web site to a user’s startup folder, from which it would execute the next time the user logged on.

Slate, Are the Browser Wars Back?:

[A]ll-conquering Internet Explorer has been stuck in the mud for the past year, as Microsoft stopped delivering new versions. The company now rolls out only an occasional fix as part of its Windows updates. Gates and company won the browser war, so why keep fighting it?

The problem is that hackers continue to find and exploit security holes in Explorer.

It was the first time I visited What I Think using IE. I was just trying out the Activities & Webslice. So what are you going to do ? SWITCH …


1 Response to "WordPress thrashing Internet Explorer"

Just a little something you should know. WordPress didn’t do anything. WordPress isn’t the issue. The designer who create the WordPress Theme didn’t design with IE in mind, or it is an old enough design, it doesn’t take into consideration browser bugs in the latest version of IE, or past versions. You can easily switch WordPress Themes in WordPress.com.

Please report the Theme problems to WordPress.com so they can fix the issues as it impacts thousands of users, but the issue lies with Microsoft Internet Explorer. Those who have switched to Firefox or other browsers are SO much happier. And the designers who design only for IE need to be smacked. And those who don’t, well, they need to be boxed around the ears as well. It’s part of the job.

Too bad browsers didn’t get their acts together with better standards a long time ago.

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