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Opera and webkit have scored 100/100 in acid 3 test and safari is also following.


This is how page was rendered in IE 8 (18/100)-


Firefox 3 was a little better with 68/100 —


Hopefuly Firefox 3 will pass acid 3 before its public release in June.

There are many online storage service like SkyDrive, Dropbox, box.net, eSnips, MediaMax, OmniDrive, openomy to name a few. But all have various limitations because of which a lot many people haven’t adopted them.

Let us see how a perfect online storage service should be-

  1. It should have enough space. SkyDrive and Dropbox did a good job by giving 5 GB free space.image
  2. We should be able to view pictures comfortable. SkyDrive here does a bad job, Picture viewing isn’t easy at all. It should be more like Picasa web album. Picasa have a very easy interface. (sadly Picasa offers only 1 GB)
  3. The storage service should be more like local hard drive– We should be able to play music and stream movies online. Seems impossible eh? Well .. online storage, a few years back, was also impossible. The question is which online storage service will come up with these features.image
  4. Files should be easily transferable between folders. It’s almost impossible to transfer files from one folder to another in SkyDrive.
  5. There are files which we want to store online only . Dropbox doesn’t allow that. Dropbox is just sync. (actually great sync)
  6. Reading PDF online would be great. I’ve stored many e-books online. I wouldn’t be able to read them if the computer doesn’t have PDF reader and I’m not administrator. (I won’t be able to install PDF reader)  image

From what I’ve been hearing Gdrive is bringing many great features and will be different from others out there. For now we’d have to wait and see how things would be shaping up.


New Mozilla Add-ons

Mozilla has unveiled the new version of Mozilla Add-ons.

Here’s what’s new–

  • The interface is available in 24 languages
  • It detects the browser version and either displays an Install button for compatible add-ons and notifies the incompatibilities for those that aren’t.
  • New add-ons that are awaiting review and approval are included in search results and lists marked as experimental and with a link to logon to be able to install them.

mozilla addon

  • Add-on profiles include a download counter for every add-on so you can judge its popularity, several screenshots thumbnails that open in the same page, and a compact area to rate and review it.

add add -on

Sadly firefox-addons-version themes, dictionaries and search engines cannot

be search independently. i.e. if you are searching for a theme the result will include themes, plugins dictionary and extensions too. Pages also look funny sometimes. Things will hopefully improve. What are your views ?

Hi ! Today my blog is one month old and I had 890 views till now (which is a lot for me) I would like to thank all of you for your response. Your visits to my blog has inspired me to write more (better) articles. As a gratitude (and as a lot of people requested it) I have some 4 dozen Halo 3 Wallpapers. Those who want them please put in a comment below. I’ll send you the link. I also have Halo 3 trailer in HD. If you want it ask for it along with the comment. THANKS and please, please keep coming back.

– vinit

Hello all, My blog today is 1 month old. tune in to receive some stuff. Here’s a list of some popular E- Easter eggs

Red Dwarf series 4 – Comic Relief Red Nose Cast

From menu select episodes and select “Scene Select” Choose D.N.A. and select “Next” You should see an outline of a chicken laying an egg. Select the egg (highlighted in red) and a short Comic relief comprising the cast in rehearsal for a pledge.


Cadence – It’s a Family Thing

Almost at the end of the film, Pvt. Bean (Charlie Sheen) goes to visit Sgt. McKinney (played by his real-life father Martin Sheen). He stops at the reception desk to Psych Admin. The MP manning the post is played by Christopher Judge (Teal’c from Stargate SG-1) who is wearing the name “Estevez” on his uniform. This refers to Martin & Charlie Sheen’s real family name: Estevez. Charlie’s brother, Ramon Estevez was in the film, playing Cpl. Gessner. As a side note, Emilio Estevez, his other brother, wasn’t in the film.


Placebo Soulmates Never Die Live in Paris 2003 DVD – Hidden Pixies Cover Video and Weird Segment with Brian

On the main menu go to the subtitles section and click enter, then select ‘Français’ and click enter, then return to the main manu and place the cursor or square over the ‘Set List’ section, but don’t enter, instead of that, press UP and you will see a french flag above the words ‘SET LIST’, click enter and that will lead you to a hidden interview called “Brian’s B12’s on tour”.
To access to a hidden video repeat select the french language as the subtile if you haven’t and enter to the ‘Audio’ section, then, place the square cursor over the ‘STEREO’ option, but don’t select it, instead of that, press UP and you will see again the french flag above the words ‘STEREO’, click enter and that will lead you to a hidden video called “Chicks with dicks” featuring the band dressed up as women on a different concert playing the song “Where is my mind?” originally written by The Pixies. Enjoy it. (The sound quality is not as better as in the Paris concert.)
Lost: The Complete Second Season – 6 Hidden Eggs on “Lost: The Complete Second Season” Disc 7
Egg #1: At the main menu where it says “PHASE 1”, “PHASE 2” and “PHASE 3”. Move over so “PHASE 3” is selected. Press ‘up’ twice on your remote and a white dot should appear above “PHASE 3”, near the log books. Press ‘enter/play’ and enjoy.
Egg #2: Enter “PHASE 1”. With “FIRE + WATER” selected, press ‘left’ twice. A white dot should appear in front of “ANATOMY OF AN EPISODE”. Press ‘enter/play’ and enjoy.
Egg #3: Enter “PHASE 2”. Move your dot to “SNEAK PEEKS”. With “SNEAK PEEKS” selected, press ‘left’ twice. A white dot should appear to the right of “RETURN”. Press ‘enter/play’ and enjoy.
Egg #4: Enter “PHASE 2”. Enter “DELETED SCENES”. With “SEEING WALT” selected, press ‘left’ twice. A white dot should appear to the right of “SEEING WALT”. Press ‘enter/play’ and enjoy.
Egg #5: Enter “PHASE 2”. Move your dot to the arrow at the bottom of the screen; it will be pointing to thr right. Press ‘enter’. Continue to do this until there are no more arrows pointing right, only one pointing left (you will do this a total of 3 times, moving you to the fourth screen). Move your dot down to select “PLAY ALL”. With “PLAY ALL” selected, press ‘left’ once, then ‘up’ twice and then ‘left’ one last time. A white dot should appear to the right of the arrow pointing left. Press ‘enter/play’ and enjoy.
Egg #6: Enter “PHASE 3”. Move your dot to “SECRETS FROM THE HATCH”. With “SECRETS FROM THE HATCH” selected, press ‘left’ twice. A white dot should appear to the right of “SECRETS FROM THE HATCH”. Press ‘enter/play’ and enjoy.
Nacho Libre – Legend of Francois
Go to Special Features, then Deleted Scenes. Click the LEFT button and an EAGLE will appear on Nacho Libre’s chest. This will open a special behind the scenes story.
These 5 are the most popular. For more popular E eggs click here .
Some more Here.
What are your favorite ones ?

Microsoft Activities for Firefox is now Firefox activities and has got better and cuter. Now we can select and set activities as default and delete activities we don’t use. (click on the thumbnails to see large image)–

manage activites

Adding activities is more like Internet Explorer 8 type and it’s even added from the Internet Explorer 8 service gallery —

add activites

Here is a screenshot of all the available activities —

all activities

It’s even got thumbnail previews-

here’s one of e-bay-

e-bay items

MSN (MSN’s preview doesn’t open quickly both in Firefox and IE 8, I guess it’s a problem with MSN activity) —


Stumbleupon activity is very good —

stumble find

Windows translate —


and Y! Maps —

y maps

These all are great but Firefox activities (or for that matter IE 8’s activities) will become more useful as more and more sites start providing services. I personally would like to use Google Maps, blog with WordPress and blogger.Look up in Google news, send with Gmail, share on Orkut and translate with Google translate. Get your Firefox Activities here.It’s still in sandbox so you’ll need an account at Mozilla Add-ons.

Everyone using XP must be having this in mind. so let me help you out.

XP is a great operating system but Vista is better, yes, you heard it right, vista is better.

  • For Gaming – DirectX 10- gaming analyst say that with DirectX 10, PC gaming will take a new and dramatic turn . DirectX 10 will be able to process information and generate images and textures (these combine to give you the graphics you swoon over) in real time. The cinematic experience you see in vistagame promotional videos will be seen in the games you play. And newer game releases will support only DirectX 10.
  • (For Halo fans) Halo 2 is available only for vista.
  • Security – Security in Vista is better than XP’s
  • Vista has some really great features like powerful search,cool areo effect  DVD maker etc. which XP does not have.
  • Microsoft is going to end support for XP.

After Microsoft ends support, new programs and software will be made only for Vista. XP users won’t be able to use them. Already most software have altered their looks to suit Vista ex. Real Player 11. If you are thinking about waiting for Windows hero_wmp117–Don’t. It’s not even clear if Windows 7 will be released in 2010-2011. If at all  Windows 7 is released, it’s going to be the worst OS cause Microsoft has got just one year to make and test Windows 7; Windows Vista took 6 years to be built and tested and still has so many bugs then what can you expect from an OS built and tested in just one year?

Go for Vista. Everyone sooner or later is going to be using it. Every operating system has initial bugs and problems (XP too faced this, but at a lesser level). Everything would be gradually fixed. I’ll be using XP till July then I’ll buy Vista SP 1 along with a new PC. So what are you going to do – use XP or switch to Vista ?

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